Bleue Marine  offers a variety of services to meet the import and export needs of our clients. We provide one of the fastest international delivery services in the world with our easy simplified pricing structure. Call or email for price quote.
>Ocean freight:

We have the capability of shipping your cargo as LCL, FCL,  Reefers, or any other special equipment needed to get your project cargo to its final destination. Our main goal in providing this service is to maintain the the same level of efficiency and cost effectiveness you have come to depend on. At a moments notice we can provide many shipping alternatives. Wither you need different shipping dates, transit times, rates, or steamship lines, we can provide the best alternatives and then allow you to choose. This flexibility provides you with the added assurance that we are geared up to providing any shipping needs your company may have.


>Shipment Tracking                            COMING SOON
Through this web page our customers are able to track 24 hrs a day their shipments. For those who subscribe to this service we can also track purchase orders before they become shipments. This way you can keep your customers informed and alert to details such as shipping dates, pieces, weight, arrival dates, etc. Call our office for a free set up kit and your password to start accessing shipments on line.

Contracts with all major airlines provide our customers with the assurance that their shipments always have the best routing. Examination of documents by, not one, but two professionals provides a safety net against delays or mishandled cargo. Careful attention to packaging, compliance with regulations and cost round out our best possible efforts to make sure your customer gets their shipments on time and complete. We can handle shipments from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, Door to Door, Airport to Door, Airport to Airport or Door to Airport.

International services include

  • Import and Export services.
  • Door to door customs services.
  • Ocean service.
  • Freight consolidation services.
  • Service to almost any where in the world.
  • Charter services to key global markets.
  • Freight forwarding available